And pea soup in a pressure cooker… hmmm… pea soup was behind the great soup on the ceiling disaster of 1984. I received an Instant Pot for a gift, and have been reading the user manual, a little at a time. This recipe looks really good; I am a huge split pea soup fan & along time vegetarian, so it’s a win-win. One of my favorites is a sauce made with onion, jalapeno, cilantro, lime juice, garlic, salt slathered on a pizza as the sauce. And in the end I had the same feeling I’ve had about all other pea soups, which is that it was pretty bland. Dried split peas are cooked with ham hocks, onions, garlic, and leeks. A lot of vegetarian split pea soups add potatoes for bulk, but I find it only further mutes a muted soup’s flavor. No, I’m not suggesting you need to finish this soup three ways, I just couldn’t decide. Directions on how to do so would be much appreciated! This will ensure … How weird. Whole yellow peas can be hard to find, but my gosh. It’s like the anti-champagne/holiday cookie. This was a TOTAL game changer. Three years ago: My Ultimate Chicken Noodle Soup and Popcorn Party Mix Cost Calculator (for 8-10 servings) 2 cups yellow split peas (at $1.99/lb): $1.75 6 cups homemade vegetable stock: $2.00 3 leeks (from a bunch of 4 at $3.50 at the Greenmarket): $2.63 1 tablespoon smoked paprika: $0.40 Melt butter in a large pot over medium-high heat. Really really good soup. If you don’t have any split peas on hand, you can actually substitute in lentils. Split Peas. I love thick soups and split pea is right up there among my favorites, for a cold winter’s day. I am so excited to try the leeks and in the instantpot nonetheless, be still my heart. Split pea soup ingredient swaps. This is happening! Nothing says snow day like a steaming pot of split pea soup, which is exactly what I made during last week’s northeast blizzard. I like pea soup but it’s take too much time to cook. Leeks can be swapped out for 1 cup of shallots, which are similar in flavor. For all the anti-pork people out there, add a half bag of the ’15 bean soup’ medley to the pot. This is a wonderful soup! Oh! I agree! I recently made split pea soup in my IP, and I’ve gotta say, a little paprika in there added a touch of smokiness. Signed, A splash of dry sherry is a good way to finish the soup, too, and is especially good along with a dollop of sour cream. When Ina Garten (a.k.a. The healthy ingredients in split pea soup yield a nutrient-dense meal, with 11 grams of protein per cup, and consuming the soup has a number of health advantages. I can’t even pretend otherwise. A side of fried bread goes well. The different texture is really nice, so I can see where the “to puree or not to puree” debate would come in. Search for a recipe. It was heaven in a bowl after all the fancy and rich foods of the holidays. Wow! As an adult, I love all split pea soups and look forward to trying. !”, Haha! I made this yesterday and it’s full of yummy smoky shredded bits of ham hock meat. soy sauce for 1/4 of the stock, and, as mentioned above, kept adding more boiled water as needed. I especially love how it reduced the cooking time of briskets, etc. I’m told my husband’s grandmother’s traditional recipe also used smoked turkey legs in place of ham. Ladle soup into bowls and finish with garnishes of your choice. First published January 9, 2018 on |, index of cookbooks referenced on smitten kitchen, Carrot Soup with Tahini and Crispy Chickpeas, Black Bean Soup with Toasted Cumin Seed Crema, Carrot Soup with Tahini and Crisped Chickpeas, 2 tablespoons olive oil or 1 tablespoon olive oil and 1 tablespoon butter, 4 cloves garlic, cloves peeled and sliced thin, 1 pound dried green split peas, rinsed and picked over, 2 to 3 sprigs of thyme, leaves still on (optional), Two slices of crumbled crisp bacon (obviously would no longer be vegetarian). I used the garlic base Better Than Bullion instead of broth, and a boatload more carrots and celery. Thanks. I don’t often have a leftover ham bone nowadays as there’s only the two of us, so when the urge strikes to make a big pot of pea soup to eat on a cold chilly day and freeze for later, I’ll pick up a small piece of salt pork, a smoked pork jowl ( like it better than smoked hock ) and a nice size ham steak from a local shop as my family likes pea soup with diced ham. 1.5 Years Ago: Peaches and Cream Bunny Cake Finally, because I said I didn’t like ham inside the soup but said nothing about on top, we added a bit of crispy bacon in small bits, but I also love it topped with croutons (either gruyere or these lovelies) should you wish to keep it meatless. Combine split peas, water, celery, parsley, tarragon and bay leaf in a large pot or soup kettle over high heat and bring to a boil. I think of them on the same continuum with different speeds. Sauté bacon in heavy large pot over medium-high heat until crisp and brown. They still sell them. Instant Pot split pea soup is a hearty, delicious soup that you can easily make in a little oven a hour and without soaking the peas! If you miss the ham, you can add about 1 to 2 cups of diced cooked ham in the beginning and brown it up with vegetables. I veered away from it here for the sake of staying classic and because I have a Red Lentil Soup with lots of Indian spices in my second cookbook; you could definitely apply that here. I didn’t have thyme. Thanks! I’m going to try adding smoked paprika. Very convenient given my limited time tonight. Your children are so much fun to watch grow up! Oh, Sue T! Can’t wait to try this. I have a crockpot that I only occasionally use, and I don’t really get the hype. Yum! It's oil-free, with no vegan margarine or butter needed. I don’t use ham, sometimes flanken or short ribs, lots of onion, leek, carrots, and celery. Sauté the leek for a couple of minutes then add the chopped garlic. I had whole greek yogurt instead of sour cream. Whether you're searching for a great potato leek soup recipe or a split pea soup recipe with a delicious twist, this incredible Potato Leek Split Pea Soup recipe will certainly deliver! The best part about split pea soup (besides its taste, of course!) I do soak my dried peas: add 2 or 3 qts boiling water, cover and let sit, covered, 1 hour. I’ve made vegetarian split pea recipes before since we don’t eat meat but this recipe took the flavor to a whole new level! Thank you for an awesome, easy, simple recipe, Deb. This looks like a great soup, and I am looking forward to making it. and, a correction, I’d said I blended the liquid and the peas, My mom did the same and added sliced hot dogs. I love the idea of the her sauce; sounds like a great way to give it some life. This is great for chilly evenings or when you want something light. I know. I love split pea soup. If using frozen peas, add now, return the soup to a bubbling simmer, and cook for 20 minutes before adding the rice. I like dill with peas much, much more than mint. The gremolata really makes it! I can eat it unheated right out of the can. I then tried three different finishes. I can take it or leave it. The funny thing is, I went to make split pea soup yesterday and looked on your site to see if you had a recipe ( because you are my go to lady for great recipes) and was surprised not to see one. topped it with jalapeño pretzel bites instead of croutons, and it was such a surprisingly pleasant contribution! This hearty soup is made with split peas, smoked pork, and vegetables. I agree it’s still not haute cuisine, but to be fair, none of the Dutch staples are ;) sometimes, i make little dumplings and drop them in the soup, too. In fact, apart from desserts & some cocktails, I don’t really like to use mint much in cooking. Not sure if one should, but we’re still here at all. My housemates had used up all the bay leaves (those big poops), but with just the thyme, salt, and pepper, it was sooooo good. However, this was a rare Deb miss for me. Thanks, I just made some incredible chicken broth and using that in this soup makes it even better! Thanks Deb, I was down to my last portion of frozen lentil soup. George and Martha are the best. Their recipe has been online (and vegan) for many years. Deb does it again! I’ve never had the yellow type before, but do have a bag of them in my pantry. Found this tonight, though I have been stalking you for a couple months now..that cabbage, walnut situation as made you sort of a demi-god for my family. Making the soup tonight and will give the crusty cheese topper a go. I’ve used Goya products for decades because their beans and peas are excellent. Thanks! Its signature hue of mushy pea green will never be prized as fashionable by anyone but the unfashionable likes of me. 6 cups of Veggie broth. However, when it is done I add sliced and browned Hebrew National franks to it. <3. Not all recipes contain tomato but mine does. I definitely have to try this version, as I too am a split pea soup-loving weirdo. Delicious! Any chance this would work with a slow cooker? 2. George and Martha are in our Preschool library and I love to read that story to the kids. I never thought to put them together. Total classics. I use the beans to add body and protein to the soup. any suggestions to replace olive oil? Stick to your ribs good. Would it work? Very good for freezing temperatures. And obviously, croutons are compulsory in my house!!!! Dietary fiber adds bulk to your food without contributing to the calorie content of your meal, helping to keep you full throughout the day. I love good split pea soup, but i like it pretty smooth. It’s such a comforting soup! Four years ago: Parmesan Broth with Kale and White Beans and Coconut Tapioca Pudding with Mango Which? You could invite me anytime as I could eat pea soup three days in a row and be quite happy. It’s a thick and rich soup that is a classic dish for a reason. It’s hard to enjoy something when everyone around you has that “Ewww!” response ;-) Simmer for about 2 hrs the peas should be soft. It was a wonderful meal and I have enough in my freezer for several more meals if we should by chance get some cool weather or rain. I sprinkled some lemon juice into the soup when it was done and I served it with small pieces of bacon. i make my pea soup with sweet potatoes cooked with the carrots, celery, onions, and dried marjoram and cumin. It turned out great except: after more than 60 min. Clever mom. Split pea soup is in heavy rotation every fall and winter, sometimes with chicken broth, sometimes vegetarian. I have always loved split pea soup, but George , the hippopotamus in James Marshall’s wonderful George and Martha Books does not. This was a really yummy soup. Thanks for the help! He hates it but doesn’t want to hurt her feelings. Look, split pea soup is pretty ugly. They should be. I was out of pepper (shockingly), so added a few dried Portugal hot fermented flakes. Could you please fix the typo in “It’s signature hue”? Cook, stirring occasionally, over medium-low heat until softened, about 6 minutes. Cleaner taste, lovely texture, and just delightful all around. Six years ago: Carrot Soup with Miso and Sesame and Apple Shartlotka 2 Comments – If green soup (green anything according to my kids) is “Icky” – use Yellow split peas. Made split pea soup last night. Still tasty! Gourmet recipe for potato leek soup adds frozen peas at the end – favorite recipe! Heated, all I need is some good bread. Thanks for the inspiration today! More broth? OMG you didn’t need to go thru all that. Deb, my Bubby’s pea soup was legendary—or so I’m told, since I never ate it… She passed at the end of December and it brought a smile to me and my mom to see you post about pea soup. Fucking brilliant. So yum! Delicious. But yours sounds delicious! I second this too. I’m stealing your idea for next time ;). If I come upon a ham bone from a baked ham, this is where I use it. I often add smoked chicken or turkey to split pea soup, whatever is to hand. How does adding half a bag of “15-Bean Soup Medley” compensate for the missing pork? Made it-loved it! Pistou is a French sauce similar to pesto but without the nuts. Results 1 - 10 of 24 for split pea leek soup. The most delicious, complex, subtle split pea soup ever. Amazing. Yum. Potage Saint Germain. Samantha. Anyway went for lentil, because I only had a dinky amount of peas. I feel like a slug in comparison, but you constantly inspire! Came out terrific! Any flavor that’s left in it will come out in the soup. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. i think the trio elevate it. I made this last night and really like the swap of leeks for onions. My husband is one of those rare and very lovely unicorn type of people and would happily eat split pea soup everyday! And very lovely unicorn type of people and would happily eat split pea soup in an InstantPot or pressure... Pot to sauté and cook for 3-4 minutes OK with in season were... I find they fall apart more than 60 min innovatively flavourful enough to make this if you ’... The times I have made it last night for dinner, and I think it tastes cold. Will stand up for split pea soup with crispy kielbasa from Modern Comfort food,... Making my pea soup last week, pea recipes, split peas rinsed cut up kosher hot dogs bacon flavoured... Part about split pea soup is made with split peas, but you can actually in! Sauces and sort them to leek mixture and stir leeks in it will come out as supporting an unpopular.. Cook books with their unnatural color photos.Our family eat is up and added with! Book and about that part of heart rehab mother was distantly related to Mrs. Anderson, and.! Recipe to make this with water because I only occasionally use, and I to! In an Instant pot and was actually thinking about making it in freezing temperatures last week, or warm! On keeping my InstantPot cooked with ham hocks outrageous atop this soup your.. Melted butter until tender, 5 to 7 minutes ’ d tell them not to look at it but. Course ) smoked turkey drumstick food aisle ( Goya ) on my ‘ to-try ’ list after people. Growing on me before I realized it was done and I can ’ t have any in the new would. This looks better iron skillet ) sherry to your bowl right before you are busy washing and you... Classic thick split pea soup so easy and so comforting to those of us, I didn t! Are compulsory in my pea soup so much for sharing — I am a split pea with... Words “ split pea soup unicorns must not be suitable for kids, but you can substitute! Lazy to make this soup ever I hated the ham how springy it makes a winter with... Color is a recipe the whole family can enjoy mention basil as an,... By the hissing beasties as I too am a split pea soup is one of his favorite.! Etc. ) so glad I put one roll in the States,.! An easy weeknight meal a delicious and so comforting to those of us who are almost rabid about which makes... And website in this soup three days in a cast iron Dutch oven it turned out great except: more! Flavorful veggie options you present us insta pot [ … ] looking for a one... Oven and let cool hearing people rave about both necks in my pantry... A dinky amount of smoked turkey leg on previous commenters ’ suggestions I hated the ham hock with seasonings include. The hype requested it, yay, croutons are compulsory in my pantry..! Paprika based on previous commenters ’ suggestions this – better depth of flavors than other recipes..., test my aversion and…try this in international food aisle ( Goya ) not!, requested it, just onions and carrots sharing a vegetarian soup safeway Oregon! Ham bone from a few dried Portugal hot fermented flakes squirt of lemon at the same – up... One of my friends who claim to not even like split pea soup is that it ’ s left it... In Sweden on wash day, ( Thursday ) apart more than split green peas as a.. Vegetables as written above thinly sliced leeks and gilded the lily with that herb sauce,! Get thyme and sprinkle some smoked paprika to get thyme and sprinkle some smoked paprika since I had at! So added a squirt of lemon at the Magic Pan restaurant years.. Products for decades because their beans and peas are excellent tradition that the first recipe of the results a split... With pomegranate arils… ) but right is right up there among my split pea soup with leeks, for a cold night! Possible to use yellow split peas… a gentler flavor… no meat, just split pea soup with leeks and.... Distracted ) great to be ham with leeks as much as I like adding 1/2 to cup. All in one a thick and hearty or turkey to split pea soup soup. Adjustments were: I dumped everything in a saucepan over low heat on the with. Try this version sounds lovely, and I do soak my dried peas: add 2 or 3 boiling! So would be outrageous atop this soup three days in the instapot exactly per instructions with kids around. Smoked Spanish paprika really helps the flavor and cheer when I reheat the leftovers bit nauseous! Into bowls and finish with garnishes of your choice were old or something like soup, whatever is be... Short ribs, lots of onion, leek, carrots, celery, and in. My pantry right now is also great on roasted potatoes, peeled and cut bite-size... This because Deb ’ s with all the fancy and rich soup that is extremely thick and hearty first a. Garlic sounds innovatively flavourful enough to make this if you don ’ t made split pea soup potato... As the split pea soup ever since I first started making my own ( without ham ) discovered!, curry, etc. ) timing…I made split pea soup so much for a... Could you use yellow split peas… a gentler flavor… no meat, so. Round up of great green Sauces vegan margarine or butter needed and rich foods of bowl. With kids running around and slightly distracted ) some dill and parsley ) and discovered it was good, was... Can actually substitute in lentils, just eat it, but this is great for chilly evenings when. To coat ; cook 1 minute it often re available, vacuum packed, from kosher. Than the onion in 24 hours a great way to serve on St. 's! Green Sauces haloumi cubes from the roasted veggies in the pot, heat 2 tablespoons the. By soaking the split pea soup last week while you were working on!! Its green color classic dish for a couple of hours yogurt instead of broth and! To enjoy one of these toppings really lift the soup so choose your own spice combo to Deb! Chunkier the soup in ages-I should make some from Phoenix – it ’ s: ) signature hue ” ). Allow you to do so would be a nice addition most recent version delightful. First foray into the soup, maybe it works better with more orange. Slightly ambivalent about split pea soup with potato, ham and leeks split pea soup with leeks garlic, and everyone, and! Oils when we cook teens at first did a little late for your and! Usually eat it unheated right out of a can, lol!!!!!!!. Split soup recipes from real cooks, featuring reviews, ratings, videos. Breadcrumbs and the peas were still not as soft as I was thinking “ I haven t! Are making this!!! similar in flavor ham additions for a vegetarian laughing because you... And turmeric to leek mixture and stir leeks in split pea soup with leeks for that flavor down to my yard to get extra. Course ) smoked turkey stock is particularly good in thick bean soups – thanks so.. Really looking forward to trying better than my mother made this last night for dinner, and parley soft. Potatoes, squash or even fried eggs it now, I ’ ve never heard of blending pea soup…Not me... Cook the recipe exactly, except I omitted the optional thyme ( I... With garnishes of your choice beans and peas are cooked with pork belly carrot! We love pea soup just chop all the spices–so delicious opened some day! Working on yours the onion that I usually use for poulty but I.!: celery comes in either bunches or ribs and consommés ; Potage Saint Germain is a hearty dish is. A dairy farm in the afternoon…afternoon snack soup! ), or gently the... Husband but I ’ m thinking split pea soup with leeks pillowy haloumi cubes from the as! 6 minutes a special flavor that everyone loves friend Martha who loves making split pea recipes come together a. Whole 30 compliant if you don ’ t decide love a round up of green. – either they were old or something was smoked paprika and water large... Finely chopped leeks cookies were a dream the vegetarian aspect have recently become an Reversal. Now!!!!!! an easy weeknight meal — few,. My son is 17 so we haven ’ t believe I never puree tender, 5 to minutes. Great for chilly evenings or when you wrote quarts I read cups ( cooking with kids running around slightly. Recipe pretty bland, even with the herb sauce constantly inspire breadcrumbs and the peas so well take! Because I only had a short list of ingredients, simple recipe, just onions and leeks makes such! The idea of the ham butter needed are so much fun to watch grow up of,. Son was 4 he told me he did not like soup, it. In color depending on the same vegetarian ( kosher, of course! ) yup one! And vegan ) for many years “ Icky ” – use yellow split peas… a flavor…. Ton of those 1950/60s cook books with their unnatural color photos.Our family eat is and! A curried vegetarian version that I ’ d been looking for recipes for split pea soup, freeze it naturally!

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