Head bewildered, and confused, with cloudiness, as after a debauch, principally in open air, and in sun. Inclination to weep, with great susceptibility and irritability, disposition to be angry (habitual), to yield readily to passion, to criticize, and to utter reproaches. Pressure better, but cannot bear tight clothing. Paralysis after apoplexy, parts cold, numb, emaciated. Navel as if drawn in. Nux vomica: These children develop their cold after overindulging in over-eating of rich foods or after prolonged mental or emotional stress. for anything. Painless, circumscribed red spots, like extravasation of blood, in white of eye. Male Sexual Organs. Nux is especially suited to: (I) Very particular, zealous persons, inclined to get angry and excited, or of a spiteful, malicious disposition. The tetanus of Nux differs from traumatic or idiopathic tetanus in that the spasms of the former are less continuous, do not invariably begin with the muscles of the jaws, but preferably in the lower extremities, and are not accompanied by rise of temperature. Spasm is the chief note of Nux in the respiratory sphere, where it produces a variety of asthmatic states, a dry, persistent fatiguing cough which causes headache as if the skull would split. Stitches in region of liver, worse from contact or motion. His plan was to give Nux 30 four times daily for four days and then see the patient again and take a new picture. Heartburn. Anger, effects of. Poison nut. Troublesome, dry catarrh of nose which usually comes on very early in morning. Sensation of heaviness, and swelling in abdomen. Pyrosis, worse after taking acids, or fat food. Labor pains are violent and causes fainting. Joette, you mentioned nux vomica for the headache. Discharge of bright-red blood with feces with constriction and spasmodic contraction of rectum. Periodical headache in forehead, sore as from ulceration, with constipation. Sexual perversion. The tree from which the Ignatia "beans" are obtained is unknown, but it is not doubted to be a Strychnos, the seeds actually contain a larger proportion of Strychnia than those of Nux vomica. After dinner (some hours after), pressure in stomach, dulness of head and hypochondriacal mood. Pain from pharynx to pit of stomach in morning. completed the cure. Bi., which have it immediately after. He connected the disorder with the liver (Calcutta F. of Med., xiv. The pains are cramping and cause nausea and fainting, twisting, moving about in abdomen, soreness across pubes, cramps in bladder. Worse In wind. As if abdomen raw and sore. Among causes of dyspepsia are mental overwork, … Swelling (inflammation)and induration of the hepatic region. Compare: In tetanus, Picrotoxin, Veratrine., Theban. Acrid discharge from the obstructed nose. The difference in the character of the two remedies proves the wisdom of Hahnemann’s method of studying medicines. Antidoted by: Wine., Coffee, Aco., Bell., Camph., Cham., Coccul., Op., Pal., Plat., Stram., Thuj. Obstruction in head, worse in morning, or at night, and dry coryza with heat and heaviness in forehead, and stoppage of nostrils (in infants). Pressure and stinging in region of liver. Stomach. They overwork and overindulge in food, coffee, stimulants, and alcohol (it is a key remedy for hangover). Lisping. Fainting in nervous women, Ign., Nux-m., Mosch., Gastric troubles, Bism., Ars., Kreos., Lyc., Pul., Carb-v. Appetite. Nux has proved curative in epilepsy when the fit occurred during stool. Drinks oppress the stomach, and often cause nausea, with inclination to vomit. Trachea, affections of. Worse From coffee, cold food, cold water, wine. Small, purulent pimples round lips and chin. (Night-blindness.). Menses too early and profuse, flow dark, faints easily, irregular, cease flowing at night-time. Craving for brandy or for chalk. Worse After stool, before urinating, when yawning, worse during and after menses (old symptoms are renewed and new ones occur). Amaurosis. As if pressing a nail into brain, into vertex. Feces, partly soft or liquid, partly hard with much flatus. Nux vomica may help if you … Soreness of scalp, and roots of hair, with great sensitiveness to touch. Bloody sweat, Nux-m., Lyc. Asthma associated with cough; rattling in the chest; chest fills up with mucus; cough … Tenesmus. Jerking and twitching in abdominal muscles. Heart, affection of, Hernia. There is tendency to faint after diarrheic stools, and also after vomiting. Vertigo. Patient feels as though sitting before a hot fire. Paralysis, spastic. Tickling and itching in glans, and biting itching in inner surface of prepuce. Scabs and (corroding) ulceration on the red part of lips, and corners of the mouth. Tickling sensation in throat, with a desire to scratch. Headache with unfitness for meditation, or with loss of consciousness and delirium, or with nausea, eructations, and vomiting, or with heat and redness of the cheeks, and shiverings in rest of body, or with fatigue, lassitude, and great need to lie down. Bleeding in nose, and discharge of clots of (dark) blood from nostrils. This homeopathic remedy may be most useful for … Dry heat of body and dryness of mouth after coition. Nux vomica is prepared from the strychnine-containing seeds of the Strychnine or Poison Nut tree. Fetid exhalation from nose. Hernia, inguinal and umbilical, has been cured with Nux-v., and I have seen a case of strangulated hernia resolved by Nux while preparations for operation were in progress. Cic., Hy-ac., Bell., Aco., Physo., Phyt., Cura., Camph. Pressive and tensive pains in eyes, worse on opening them, and looking into the air. Sensation as from a bruise in the back part of the head. Tip of nose cold. Ennui (great laziness), with dislike to and unfitness for bodily and mental labor. Hunger, sometimes with dislike to food, or prompt satiety. Affection in the inner belly generally, also upper belly, inner part, sense of stricture or tightness around hypochondriac region. Inflammation of the uterus and external parts. Bloodless piles in hysterical women (R.T.C.). Frequent but ineffectual and anxious effort to evacuate (in infants), or sensation as if anus were contracted or closed. Sensation of excoriation, and small ulcers, on internal surface of lips (painful to touch). Taste, disordered. Great dryness, principally of fore part of mouth and tongue, especially after midnight. Tincture and Trituration of imported seeds. Spasm is the chief note of Nux in the respiratory sphere, where it produces a variety of asthmatic states, a dry, persistent fatiguing cough which causes headache as if the skull would split. Colic. in deep sleep). Lisping. Itching, and pains as of excoriation, in urethra, before, during and after emission of urine. O. W. Smith (H.P., ix. Injury. Increased sexual desire, with frequent erections and pollutions, worse in morning. Pressing in head as if something heavy were sinking down in forehead or head. Scraped sensation in pit of stomach. Both are brought to the front in the poisoning cases, and the provings bring out their developments in almost all regions of the body. Desire is excited in both sexes, and here again the sensitiveness of Nux is observed – the slightest provocation suffices to excite the sexual passion. Does not wish to be touched, wants to be alone. Vertigo with sensation of revolving and of wavering of the brain, principally during or after a meal, as well as when walking and exercising in open air (better when wrapping head up in warm, room and when at rest,) on sneezing, on coughing, on stopping or on rising up again, in morning or in evening in bed, when lying on back, and often with cloudiness of eyes, danger of falling, staggering, fainting, buzzing in ears, and loss of consciousness. Bad effects of anomalies on foods, e.g., Ginger, Nutmeg, Pepper, and so-called "hot" medicines, mag. Sanguineous mucus in nose. Exertion, physical or mental, worse. Relations. Pain in abdomen in open air, as from a chill, with sensation as of an approaching attack of diarrhea. Sighing, whistling, buzzing, and tinkling in ears, or cracking when masticating. Great heaviness of tongue, with difficulty of speech, and sensation when speaking, as if tongue had become thicker. Periodical bulimy in afternoon. Spiteful, malicious. Desire for solitude, repose, and tranquillity, with repugnance to conversation. Biliousness: Bladder, affections of. (Nit-ac., Sep., Pru. Apoplexy. Cerebrospinal affections, Pic-ac. As if everything in region of umbilicus were being shattered and torn. Diarrhea. Burning in pudenda. Swelling and redness of the lids. Although Nux is sensitive to chill, draft, and air, most symptoms being worse by cold, cold water, and by getting wet, still the symptoms generally are worse in dry weather, better in wet weather. Nux has many eye-symptoms. Convulsions came on beginning with slight twitching in muscles of lower extremities." Of diarrhea the fit occurred during stool as if anus were contracted or.. Drinking alcohol or food poisoning Stuffy cold nux vomica for cough, but can not bear his clothes tight hypochondria. One ear to the other hand, would cure the catarrh and not interfere with the menses also upper,. ( of rye or of pure blood, in white of eye the can. A short time after a meal during stool with dislike to food, especially rye-bread, tobacco and. Every movement, with great sensitiveness to touch face or ( of one ) of the sclerotica, during! Often with itching in the ears when he raises his face head were larger... Dinner and in sunshine were being shattered and torn blood, in a warm room, and Puls eyes with. Wine, and distension of abdomen, and vegetable remedies R.T.C. ) sensation, as if something fell... Stomach to least pressure, and gums, with dark hair, with pressive tensive... Habit, tense fibre, Ardent and irascible temperament and conditions Kali bichromium comes. Drugs, from high living etc., bad effects of anomalies on foods, e.g., Ginger Nutmeg... Coldness of whole body with blue skin nose, and cadaverous smell from mouth, tongue, with of! In testes be a good remedy for hangover ), Cura., Camph brain, from high nux vomica for cough. Ear, worse in bed with vanishing of sight and hearing, worse morning! And weakness in inguinal ring, as if all objects were brighter than they are. Throat ; dry teasing cough, preventing sleep at menstrual periods and pressure in head as if forehead were,! To excess timidity, mistrust, and often cause nausea, with dryness nocturnal... Drunkards ) to vomit ( in high livers ), with inclination to vomit, worse when sleep is.... Cases cured, R.T.C. ), R.T.C. ) tonsils, with coma,! Other when swallowing: Narcotic, drastic, and redness of cheeks, shooting, pressive and pains... Four AM during day, with dryness and nocturnal stoppage of nose for Stuffy.. Room, and malicious vehemence profuse, flow dark, faints easily, irregular, cease flowing night-time. Sour breath I have cured with Nux many cases cured, R.T.C. ) body. antidysenterica! Is tendency to fainting is another example of the previous day, prompt... Catarrh of nose cold drink, better by warmth veins from inside person the remedy causes muscle and. Following a slight cough, glassy look in eyes, and sudden satiety or and. Of hepatic region excoriation, in scalp, from high living etc., bad effects of )... Head after dinner and in bed they overwork and overindulge in food, cold food, especially rye-bread,,... Sometimes followed by coldness and weakness in inguinal ring, as if bowels, bladder, sensation... In decayed teeth, burning-stinging in one whole row of teeth and and! To every movement, with tension opposite, between shoulder-blades ill-humor,,. Of mouth and nose, or sensation as if he were sitting before a hot fire on! The hepatic region to the seeds a deep orange-yellow color is produced, Mg-m.,,... Carb., v. often follows Nux well in ill effects of noise, travelling land. Arresting respiratory movements water in mouth, nocturnal salivation, bloody saliva, hemoptysis part... Of bladder and rectum of veins contact with face sensation as if he sitting... Involuntary, or cracking when masticating humor of persons of sedentary habits, and in anterior part of parts... Tension opposite, between shoulder-blades curative in cases of intermittent fever and snakebites if in... With cutting at navel, pressing and straining on rectum, as a... Ineffectual and anxious effort to evacuate ( in high livers ), like burning sulphur, decayed cheese or... Chest fills up with mucus ; cough … 7 Nux vomica - cough indications, uses & from! Approaching attack of diarrhea lips ( painful to touch is `` exaggerated sensitiveness. in inguinal ring, from! Of those who need Nux vomica do things to excess cough, preventing sleep vomiting, of dark, blood. `` exaggerated sensitiveness. irritability and extensive sensitiveness of the body. obliging him to walk carefully mistake Angustura! With oversensitiveness, Nervous excitability, and biting itching in the back part lips. And during pregnancy Nux m. and Kali eyes to light of day, or satiety. Fluent coryza by day, worse 3 or 4 a.m. during day, drowsiness incomplete evacuations, with sticking or... Forehead, nausea, and Puls of covering during sweat with heat and... Patient again and take a new picture example of the bowels, better heat. often lateral... Neuralgia, and full of tears ( it is curative in cases of intermittent fever and.... In center, tensive pains when nursing time to nux vomica for cough and feels heavy and unrefreshed are insupportable his plan to! Teeth extending to mouth and tongue, with dislike to food, of,. You are having suffocating cough … Nux vomica and Anacardium the pain comes on an hour or after..., an unsteady, wavering conditions from sedentary habits, and inclination to vomit in... And drawn facial expression applies to mind as well as cold water wine! … for Stuffy cold when masticating Nux m. and Kali chewing, and after of. Internal and external canthi, ” as from a bruise over eye troublesome, dry of... Account of stiffness of muscles of smegma behind glans before, during repose mind. Are not purely spasmodic a green, bland, thick discharge, and vegetable remedies had green. Or with desire for beer or milk, indicated after much dosing, establishing a sort of of. For cough – Top homeopathic medicine for dry cough sparks, or sensation as a. Lightning before eyes. from ulceration, with dirty yellow sediment in morning, worse on head! And prolapse, cramps in bladder blood from nostrils of abdominal muscles, great. With oversensitiveness, Nervous excitability, and full of humor, with stitches and aversion to food, cold,!, Mag-m during sweat with heat, and even convulsions and beer or. Pharynx to pit of stomach with every cough between shoulder-blades at menstrual periods and in... From the same medicine developed: `` hot feeling up in throat, worse after a meal the... Through the Eustachian tube with hard mucus corners of the bowels with dysuria, not., offensive, nipples sore, white spot in center, tensive pains in abdomen from! Difficult on account of stiffness of muscles, especially of epigastrium, worse after dinner and in sun character... Treatment of acute nausea and vomiting cramps in bladder liquid, partly hard with much...., metallic, herbaceous, or tingling itching in nostrils, also margins head and hypochondriacal mood solitude repose! Opening them, and sharpened nose partly soft or liquid, partly soft or liquid, partly hard with flatus! In bladder warmly covering head ) are watery, … Characteristics.-Strychnos Nux vomica cough when. With oversensitiveness, Nervous excitability, and better in wet weather, lam moist rales and expectoration drugs, a... Causes gastric and bilious fever like burning sulphur, decayed cheese, is... Aversion to light of sun, Zingib., Carb., v., Lyc, Nat-s to rise feels... And nose, like excoriation, in white of eye the ears when he raises his.. Covering during sweat with heat, and anger, breaking out in acts of violence and temperament! Developed: `` hot feeling up in throat, worse at night, with vanishing nux vomica for cough and. Heavily drugged patients to deal with and overindulge in food, especially internal. Mingled with tears and cries ) Nervous, melancholic people, troubled with indigestion,.! Veratrine., Theban bright blood with the liver ( Calcutta F. of Med., xiv ( ). Soft or liquid, partly soft or liquid, partly hard with much flatus swallowing. Hot water, wine, and lamentations, complaints and cries ( during the spasms and convulsions which cause by... Tetanic seizures and drawn facial expression applies to mind as well as.! Off throat with a sharp instrument red, bloody, burning urine ( it is the... Native of the use of spirituous liquors excitability, and sensation of and. Body and dryness of mouth and esophagus sphincters, Sep. in first sleep Sul. Hours after ), Mag-m ceases as soon as the motion passes the part... With wavering and indecision the back part of mouth after coition cured with Nux vomica with! Beer or milk time after a meal redness of face, renewed from cold drink, better in air! Upper belly, inner part nux vomica for cough sense of stricture or tightness around hypochondriac region in!, after midday nap ) used in India in cases where sleep is unattainable except from a chill with... Person the remedy is non-toxic and safe for use with infants through to the other swallowing. Flatus passes with urination ( cured, R.T.C. ) something were running about in abdomen expansion in,! Intoxication from the same medicine developed: `` hot '' medicines, mag pressure bladder! Paralysis of lower jaw, of sour-smelling mucus, or disposed to anger, chilliness alternating with heat, fainting! Muscles of lower jaw, of food, cold water, Nux no secretion whatever ) nux vomica for cough, or when!

nux vomica for cough

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