Kahawai can live up to 26 years and grow up to 65cm long. Stony Bay, Coromandel 36 29’24.20S 175 25’20E. Berkley Gulp! A falling half tide and dawn or dusk are ideal conditions to fish kahawai. And, of course, it can be fished down a strong berley trail, which helps to overcome a lack of oil and smell in the bait itself. Although NZ is classed as a temperate climate, we are lucky enough to get plenty of visitors from the tropics. The best shark baits should be fresh and consistent with the marine life the shark would naturally encounter in their environment. They have life-like action far better than the silver ticers. … We do some night fishing, eat feijoas, catch kahawai and eat some 3 day old boil up. As for baiting up with pilchards, I use them in two main applications: as bottom baits when surfcasting and as straylined baits off the rocks. Kahawai spawning isn't well understood but is thought to be offshore on the seabed. Brent Rolston of the Feilding Surfcasting Club releases a snapper of approximately seven kilograms at Waverley. If the fish are biting boldly, I simply thread the tip of the hook through a thumb-sized strip of kahawai and let it hang there, making no effort to conceal the shank or eye of the hook. The large sinker is to drag the big baits down and also to keep the line fairly straight. A paddle crab of this size will however attract a hungry gurnard if one passes by — baby crabs are routinely found in the gut contents of gurnard. Then you can cut it easily to size and wrap it up in cotton or elastic without it falling apart in your hands. $(document).one("ready",function(){ Think about keeping your bait moving. Go with live bait – Though artificial bait can certainly be used for surfcasting, (and can be very successful), live bait is generally preferred for fishing from the beach into the open waters Take the truck – Anglers can cover more ground, (especially during initial recon missions), if they utilize a 4WD vehicle to explore the area beaches. Kahawai that are feeding on krill are hard to catch with conventional lures; a SMALL piece of bait or a fly are much more effective in this situation. This fish took a chunk of pilchard on a single hook. It is a 28g Grim Reaper with a single hook. Pilchards that are still slightly frozen are easier to work with, so don’t be too keen to thaw your entire supply on arrival at the beach. } Hello and welcome to another video of Basic Fishing. To present a fly or small bait you'll have to get very close to the school. BAITJUNKIE 5" JERKSHAD. A: Galveston surf … Over the years I’ve fine-tuned my bait preferences, so decided to write about four mainstays in my surf-casting and rock-fishing arsenal. }); Catch and Cook here in New Zealand! View / Add. This soft plastic lure is designed to look like a shrimp prawn and so it attracts a wide variety of fishes that love feasting on crustaceans and shell fish in … Before I get into the details of my four chosen baits, let me just say that the old maxim ‘fresh is best’ is absolutely true in my experience. Depending on the size of the pilchards, I usually cut off the bait’s head and the tail and leave the middle section (mostly guts) for berley. Shellfish, sanma, pilchards and fresh kahawai are the best baits. Otherwise pillies and macs are best. var date=(daym+"-"+montharray[month]+"-"+year); Trevally is relatively easy to get hold of in fish shops, and as such is vastly superior to the poor quality stuff I normally see sold as frozen ‘bait grade’ trevally. To illustrate my point, I once fished alongside a mate who brought live paddle crabs on a trip whilst I used some nicely thawed fresh-frozen ones, and he out-fished me 10 fish to one for a mixture of moki, gurnard and spotty sharks. Whole fish are used for bait i.e. $('#loadingmessage').hide(); // hide the loading message Kahawai taken on a green and silver salmon ticer. What bait is best for surf fishing? For the topwater guys and jiggers (depth is between 17 and 25 meters) light gear is recommended to get the best hook up rate but be prepared … During summertime, a number o... more >, Kirk Davis shares some tips on where to find fish on the jet ski in summer.... more >, John Walkley is an experienced saltwater and freshwater fisherman who has fished extensively in both NZ and Australia. The more you learn about surfcasting, the more it seems as if the tiniest change in the air will affect the fishing, which can leave any angler feeling frustrated. You can never go wrong with live bait. $('#tbodyid').html(''); // Clear #tbodyid div Source edible-quality bait from fish shops or supermarket delis (instead of freezer-burned stuff at the bottom of a service-station freezer) and I’m sure you’ll experience better success. Moki and gurnard are also caught from here. I would also like to point out that over the winter months the West Coast beaches offer some of the best surf fishing to be had anywhere. And why not? Andy Macleod reveals his four favourite bait choices, along with the main applications and a few choice tips! $('#loadingmessage').show(); // show the loading message. The best surf fishing reels can deal with long periods of usage in a damaging domain under the strain of massive loads, draws, baits, and fish. I would also like to point out that over the winter months the West Coast beaches offer some of the best surf fishing to be had anywhere. Steve's Top 10 Spots Around Wellington And How To Take Kids Fishing Click Here Wellington Harbour From The Boat Often overlooked by Wellington’s boaties is Wellington’s Harbour. The section of pilchard body is now bound to the hook with bait elastic, and the point of the circle hook is adequately exposed. For example try squid, crayfish legs, and tuatua all on the same hook. In their search for crabs, these fish will cruise shallow, stirred-up water - water that is unlikely to hold gurnard or even snapper. Their numbers have increased significantly with the reduction in the populations of their main predators: spotted smoothhounds, snapper, gurnard. $("form#caldata").submit(); You’re allowed to take 50 paddle crabs per day, which I consider ridiculous. Berley is not usually necessary, it's more finding the fish and looking for bite times according to wind, tide and current. 2. The trouble I have with pilchards is that they are specifically packaged for fish bait in this country and get treated accordingly. Reels for Surf Fishing. The top rig is the one I prefer when baiting a whole pilchard, although a ‘whole’ pilchard is often minus its head and tail, depending on its original size. There is no need for an expensive boat and the gear required to get you started is not overly expensive. $("#date2").html("

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"); Just keep in mind that toothy fish, like bluefish, can tear these baits to pieces. ... skipjack tuna are certainly one of the best of all the bait fishes caught in this country. This is one of the best rigs for big distance. A regular supply of cray bait will immediately improve your results. It is a particularly good bait for big snapper in rocky territory when fresh, staying on the hook well, and the solid size of most kahawai allows them to be converted into several large fillet/steak baits, along with the head. But these baits will attract many different species of fish and will produce high amounts of bites when surf fishing. It’s virtually impossible to prove this one way or the other though — so go with your instincts. Is surf fishing dangerous?

best bait for kahawai surfcasting

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